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Efurden Outdoor Planter Box

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  • Assembly Attention - Please pay attention to the position of the four legs when assembling, make sure the legs are oriented so that the holes at the bottom are able to receive the shelf.
  • Advanced Material Better than Cedar - All wooden(cedar) planter boxes on the market risked falling apart, so Efurden uses polystyrene to replace the wood(cedar), which is waterproof and durable, will not chip, crack.
  • No More Squatting - Squatting or bending over for a long time to maintain flowers and plants will greatly damage your waist and knees. With this 34" tall flower plant box, you'll never have to squat again! Make gardening easier and more comfortable!
  • Versatile Planter Boxes with Shelf - Added an extra bottom shelf for storage to the herb garden, better organized your gardening tools, make what you need within arm’s reach.
  • Drainage and Water Storage - The included tarp can reduce the rate of water loss and allow enough moisture to remain in the soil. The two drainage holes at the bottom can drain excess water, and with the synergy of these two devices, you don't have to worry about plants dying due to water problems.
Advanced material better than cedar

Any Style, Free Creation

Whether you like cool, simple, cute, or other styles, Mutaomay Planter Box can meet your creative ideas. The high-quality materials in Mutaomay Planter Box bring classic style to your porch, patio, or deck.

Raised Garden Liners

Drainage Holes

Alternative to Traditional Wood

Raised Garden Liners

The backing prevents direct contact between the soil and the board, making cleanup easier

The interlining can prevent the loss of water and nutrients.

Drainage Holes

Drainage holes effectively balance the moisture in the soil and increase breathability, Maintains ventilation and drainage, and facilitate roots development and function, allowing your plants to grow better.

Alternative to Traditional Wood

Compared with traditional wood, polystyrene has stronger hardness and better plasticity, waterproof, can be used in all kinds of weather, will not rot, mold, and can be used for a long time. It can replace wood.

gnawing prevention

higher quality polystyrene material

spacious storage shelf

Gnawing Prevention

Higher Quality Polystyrene Material

Spacious Storage Shelf

choose plants for your garden

Suitable for many occasions

Efurden Outdoor Planter Box

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