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Efurden Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

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Product Details
The new Efurden stick pool vacuum is a highly efficient pool cleaning tool that features excellent vacuuming power and waterline cleaning. Ideal for cleaning spas, hot tubs, and small pools for sand, and other small debris. For swimming pools, you can also connect to a suitable length standard pole (not included).

Product dimensions
36.5"L x 6.4"W x 3.8"H
Battery Weight
120 Grams
Lithium Battery Voltage
3.7 Volts
Item Weight
4.74 pounds
Special Feature
Assembly Required
Lithium Battery Energy Content
14.4 Kilowatt Hours
Number of Lithium-ion Cells
spa vacuum
Quick Clean-Up
Get rid of annoying tubes. The suction nozzle can help you reach all corners and steps in the pool. And the short bristle brush can help you lose the dirt on the bottom of your pool. Ideal for assisted cleaning after heavy-duty cleaning. Attention: Please hold for 2-3 seconds when switching on.
Innovative Round Brush Design
With long, extra-soft, and electric bristles, cleaning the waterline of pools and some tight spaces is a cinch. You'll never have to worry about the exhaustion of manual scrubbing again. In the meantime, the bristles are strongly attached and do not easily fall out from the brush head.
Simple Charging
Built-in 4000mAh battery to run for up to 45 minutes before recharging. This cordless pool cleaner only takes around 4.5 hours to be fully charged. Note: Must be charged before first use. Please pay attention to the change in the indicator light. Red is "Charging", and green is "Completed". 
How to Install the Filter Part
Confirm the two slots on the filter unit (blue), align and insert two hexagon points inside the scrub body nance; Turn the scrub body clockwise, Shake it to make sure it doesn't fall off; Separate the filter Counterclockwise.
install the filter parts
perfect for above ground pools
  • This product is suitable for spas, hot tubs and small pools.
  • Please fully charge the cleaner in first use.
  • The suitable water temperature for our machine to work is 39.2°F to 100.4°F, if the temperature is too low or too high, the battery duration and performance may be affected.
  • After each use, if the water enters the charging port, pour it out and use a dry cloth to dry it. Leave the unit to sit for a few minutes to let the moisture dry out before charging.
  • Always remember to turn off the power switch when the cleaner is not in the water to protect the battery and the motor.
  • The cleaner should be stored in a cool place when charging.
  • Recharge the battery at least once every three months if it is not frequently used.
  • Please shut off your vacuum before charging.

Efurden Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

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