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Efurden Garden Hose Reel

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Efurden Retractable Hose Reel, Say Goodbye to Mess Hoses


Efurden garden hose reel boasts sleek, rounded lines and a refreshing color scheme that blends seamlessly with any green space. Not just a functional tool, it also doubles as a decorative piece.

With its automated retractable system, using this hose reel has never been easier. No more struggling with tangled hoses – simply tug at it and watch as it retracts smoothly and effortlessly. Plus, thanks to its convenient wall-mount feature, you can keep it handy but out of the way.

Don't miss out on this handy retractable wall-mounted hose reel!

The auto-lock and automatic rewind system makes your use and collection of hose more convenient.

Lock System:


  • The hose can lock at around every 2 feet. Just pull out the hose to the length you need, no worry about redundant hoses.
  • Please pull out the hose more than 2 feet for the lock, that's when you feel the lock tension.


Rewind System:


  • Gently pull the hose after use, the hose reel shall rewind the hose automatically. Free from rewinding the mess hoses.
  • Please hold the sprayer during rewinding for safety and better rewind performance, especially when the hose is pulled out for a rather long distance. The hoses may not be able to fully rewind if the retracting speed is too fast.


180 Deg Rotation, Cover Every Corner of Your Garden

retractable hose reel


  • With a 180-degree rotation design, this water hose reel can follow you in every direction.
  • 130 ft hose is long enough to cover the whole of your garden.


Two Handles Bring More Convenience in Moving and Storing this Hose Reel

retractable hose reel


  • Two handles make the movement of this hose reel more easier. Convenient for moving around and removing it for storage in winter.
  • Please be careful when moving this product around due to heavy weight ( 36 lbs)
  • Please make sure that you have the proper place to hang this hose reel before purchasing.

retractable hose reel

Efurden Garden Hose Reel

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